These words taste like word-food

2012-02-18 21:07:51 by AdamIpsen

Sooo... about christmas Ortus - well that didn't happen. *cough* Looking more like a July beta thing nao. Now I know why Game Devs change deadlines so often, so very hard to calculate =P

That said, holding off and releasing a complete game is a hell of a lot better than releasing a half-assed game that doesn't begin to live up to the hype we've been giving it. As it is living up to common RPG expectations + is a 24/7 job, I have to keep slapping my wrist not to write in more and MORE on our workload. Unfortunately when you're trying to create a whole world, there's never enough time. Since you know, real worlds are infinite.

I can't wait for the day (most likely long after I'm dead - so literally 'cannot wait until') when we can put on a shiny tin foil helmet with wires, then digitally reproduce a world conjured in someone's mind to play in. Not only would it make game development faster and more accurate, it would make GMing a tabletop session even more awesome-er (it's a word, trust me, I'm a doctor).

That said, a direct brain feed would probably also capture all the other freud-like issues that we all have nesled in our grey matter... that sort of technology would probably come with impossible complications.

Or you know, a very long beta phase.

So how 'bout them nicks, huh?


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2012-02-18 22:36:29

A little over a hundred years ago, it was all about teh words. Then it was movies. NOW you have to reproduce an interactive movie in an inanimate box, with software written by 10's of thousands of people (really. think about about how many dead folks have contributed code to a normal desktop).
May your word-smithing be applicable and vibrant, and best wishes to all on the Ortus project :3

AdamIpsen responds:

Aww thank you! Though now I'm thinking of my desktop as a worker's graveyard.

*I see dead coders.*


2012-03-06 16:16:39

*Here*... have a pun