Ortus time is coming near, trallalala-lala-lala...

2011-08-31 01:45:50 by AdamIpsen

Well it looks like we're aiming for a Christmas release for Ortus, I'd say it'd be a `santa-jazza' delivery but he shaved his beard. I'd be watching our facebook site closely, since it seems that's the place to be at the moment =)

As for me, up to writing the final chapters of the game - idly playing Chrono Cross in my off hours (I'd say it's game research, but I've just been putting off playing it for about 10 years). I have to say, Ortus is still the biznatch of multiendedness. So much so that I'm spending half my time writing additional NPCs if you kill essential ones to keep the game going... you murderous bastards!

A lot more NPC companions were returned to the game a few weeks ago, so now it seems you can all look forward to much more than the nine NPC companions predicted at the AvCon showing a month or so ago (barring some sort of emergency). Which is good news for all of us who loved those NPC characters that got cut for practical purposes.

That said, now I've got to write oodles of script for their dialogue so they're not two dimensional... sort of like many of the companions in Chrono Cross *coughcoughcough*. Those companions, btw, are a pain to notice and collect! (Oh, and Kid rules... especially if you've played Radical Dreamers). Still doesn't hold a torch to Chrono Trigger's addictive gameplay.

Also starting to realise how dark and gritty some aspects of our game is. If you like neat, clean G-rated Kingdom Hearts stuff... trust me, Ortus will blow your sensitive little mind. (Not that there was anything wrong with KH, or KH2... cough =3 )

Now I'll go back to listening to the Ortus soundtrack as I write dialogue... oh, evil folks can look forward to the alignment/reputation system flipping at some point in the game - some people act positively to a poor score in these areas. Reap the rewards of being a jerk!


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