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Who I am

2011-05-23 21:15:57 by AdamIpsen

Hey guys! Don't know if anyone's reading this, but if you are you've probably got here from my work on Battle for Wayland Keep, Ortus, and the occasional Larry comic =D

I'm the head writer for Ortus, so most of what you read will be my brain-scramblings - things like romancing prostitutes and ferrus leaf smoking soldiers from Wayland Keep might give you a clue of how my brain works ;) You wouldn't believe the work we're putting into this flash game for you guys - a dozen of us get up, work from 9-5 or longer then crash day in and day out on this game; and have been doing so for MONTHS.

We've put extra-special effort into replayability, diversity of choice and depth of playing experience - which have made my writing soul all very happy. If you want to kill someone important and still finish the game, go right ahead! There's nobody you can't attack in this game, and you'll still be able to finish the plot.

NPCs, romances, alignment (though there are tons of actions that are not black and white - sorta like life, really), reputation - all these things are in Ortus. My job consists of making this stuff happen. xD Headachhheeee... dream project!

So yeah, that's more about Ortus than about me - but in the end, you'll be playing around inside the development team's brains, so you'll learn all about us eventually =D


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2011-05-23 22:50:05

Soooo excited :D

Welcome to Newgrounds!

AdamIpsen responds:

Thank you, I'll do my first-person-to-welcome dance just for you! *does the dance*


2011-05-23 23:04:07

Hello and warm welcomes. Looking forward to your works.


2011-05-24 03:51:42

Welcome to Newgrounds :D

Hmm the upcoming game sounds really exciting!


2011-05-24 06:49:26

Just saying thank you (and pass it on) for all the hard work that all of you guys put into an awesome game. I played and thoroughly enjoyed Battle for Wayland Keep and am now looking forward to Ortus. Keep up the hard work guys, at least one person appreciate the efforts!

AdamIpsen responds:

If you liked Battle for Wayland Keep, it's 1/100th of what we've done for Ortus =D BWK was a defensive sim with dialogue, Ortus is a full blown isometic RPG


2011-05-24 09:48:01

Welcome to Newgrounds.


2011-05-24 10:36:05

Thank you for all your hard work, Mr. Ipsen! I hope you enjoy the Newgrounds community .


2011-05-24 18:22:26

Welcome to Newgrounds and I am deeply appreciative of your efforts toward Ortus. Knowing Jazza he is probably a huge influence to as much blood in the game as possible. Looking forward to seeing how your mind works though :D
10/10 Post hahah :)

AdamIpsen responds:

The first time I saw the killing animation for Ortus (and BWK) I thought "that's typical Jazza" xD His second instinct was to make it so you could pick up poo in the toilets and hurl them at your enemies...
... the jury's still out on that one


2011-05-26 14:48:31

Are you the author of that script? Respect.

In BWK, as Argus wakes up after being unconscious for all the week, i read what had happened and thought "two of the main character's friends got splotched by a boulder and his lover got almost lethally wounded? Definitely not what you'd expect, lol."
Now i know who to blame for any crazyness in Ortus's scripts. XD

AdamIpsen responds:

I adore squishing loved characters for "impact" =D


2011-05-31 02:41:24

I thoroughly enjoyed Battle for Wayland Keep, and I especially love the part where Argus falls in love with Elvina. ^_^ It made me very happy. I'm looking forward to playing Ortus.

AdamIpsen responds:

I'm a romantic junkie - expect more romance options in Ortus =) I can't say more without giving stuff away! But where BWK was very linear (You can only be good in your dialogue options), Ortus will allow you to play any way you want to.


2011-05-31 02:45:50

Also, I'm all for throwing shit at enemies as long as it's not just mindless crap hurling over and over. Moderation is key.


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